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A BIG THANK YOU to both Carol and Gerald Kenyon and Debra and Reiner Huck for their GENEROUS donations to the Kidney Foundation, your support really means alot!


abolsute308The studio will be closed from Friday July 31st through Monday August 3rd. We will re-open on Tuesday August 4th. Have a Great Holliday everyone!!


As Shirlee mentioned this is the last week for buying our Unlimited memberships to get the 3 Months FREE . As of August 1st we will have a new Promotion…. 10% OFF for those paying for their Unlimited Memberships (Lose The Fat Included!) upfront!

BUY NOW….THIS WEEK ONLY, and RECIEVE BOTH SPECIALS!! When you Purchase your Unlimited Membership for the year upfront, you will recieve both the 10% Discount off the total AND ALSO get the 3 additional Months for FREE. This is a really great deal you guys! We will NO LONGER be offering specials on any small group personal training or flex classes. So take advantage!

Rock Climbing-July 24 013Here I am testing out my own Anchor that I learned to build…I have a very long way down…so I ‘m hoping every thing hangs in tight! Now that I know exactly what I’m doing….Ha…I can Rock Climb till the cows come home.

So, is anyone up for climbing?

Happy Birthday Linda!

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Studio Fun

Studio-July 21 017Hey Linda…you are looking awesome! I realize that Linda dislikes picture taking…but we really wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday and hoped that her week-end was filled with loads of FUN and GOOD CHEER!

Happy Birthday Linda from all of us!….

This week is our last week of our Unlimited Packages on Sale…we won’t be doing another Unlimited Sale until January or so…probably in February of next year and since January to June is our busy months…we defiantly will not be giving out 3 FREE months! We do on the other hand have some Spectacular “Lose the Fat” Programs upcoming for August and September!Studio Pictures-July 23 066


Posted: July 23, 2009 in Serious Studio Stuff!!

Studio Pictures-July 23 017

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Now you can purchase our 4 Amazing Unlimited Memberships ON-LINE! Choose from BRONZE, GOLD or PLATINUM and now our NEW UNLIMITED LOSE THE FAT as well! Just Click on the ONLINE STORE and then go to CONTRACTS hit the drop down box and click on the one you want , it’s that simple! We also have the great new option now that you can store your credit card info in your profile and then you can just click on the “Use stored credit card info” when you make your online purchases. So no more constantly having to enter your credit card online! If any one has any questions or concerns just let me know, either on here, in person, or by phone and I’ll be happy to help!

Kelly & Shirlee