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Tony Climbing The Wave

Terry...On The Wave

Terry...On The Wave

Yesterday-Sunday-was such an awesome day! We headed for the buffs with Terri & Terry and Tony at 9:00am sharp…well maybe 9:15am… in all we hit a few different Climbs, all challenging and FUN! After 6 hours of climbing we definitely got the Elvis Legs and blistered  fingers… I’m pondering some Pilates Training techniques that can strengthen those fingers, arms and legs…hmmm think I’ll  give it ago in my 5:00pm Monday night class…get ready Terri!


September Specials!

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Do you need to Lose Weight?

stomach%20says%20need%20to%20dietAll through the Month of September we are offering  a ” Buy 1 Month of Lose The Fat and Get The Second Month for FREE”!  With a Savings of $ 523.95 that works out to only $261.97 per month!

This Fantastic Deal  is the perfect compliment to our Lose The Fat Challange!

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fat-flickr-gotplaidHey Everyone, You can now register for our 8 Week  Lose The Fat Challange!

Not Only with this AMAZING Challange will you Lose Weight, But you will also recieve some Fantastic Prizes (1st Place Grand Prize totals $4,188.00)!

This is an ISAGENIX Lose The Fat Challange, so to enter you MUST purchace 1 month of the Isagenix  food System. This will basically take the place of your groceries for the month, and the benefits to you are a Nutritionaly balanced, all natural food system that will rev up your metabolism and help you maximize your weight loss!

The Contest starts September 21st  and ends Nov 9th. You can Pre-Register by:

Downloading our registration form off our website or give me a call here at 250-490-0433.

Good Luck to Everyone!

I’m Back!

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Shirlee's Stuff

Hunter-September 1st 005Hi guys…I’m back in the Studio full time on September the 14th. Life has been so busy…over the last 2 weeks I’ve relaxed in Harrison Hot Springs, did some awesome rock climbing with Terri and Terry and added a bundle of JOY to my family. His name is Hunter. Hunter keeps me on my toes and is a FULL time job. Hunter starts Puppy School September 22nd-our goal is to get him into agility training by May of 2010.

I’d like to welcome a few of my long time clients into the Studio…Ron Bentham-it’s been way to long since we worked together… and to Janet Parker…I so much missed your quirky humor! Sooo…I’m back on line guys and tomorrow, lets discuss our Lose the Fat Challenge? Cheers-Shirlee… oh by the way, how did everyone enjoy the coffee quizz?


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Hey Everyone, the Long Weekend is upon us! The Studio will be closed Friday Sept. 4th through Monday Sept. 7th.  Have a Great Labour Day Weekend!


Our Winner is...Debbie Tougas!

Our Winner is...Debbie Tougas!

Congratulations Debbie Tougas! Wow our very first winner for our Client Referral Draw for our $200.00 Gift Card for Granny Bogners. Please let us all know how your  Dinning Experience was? For those of you who are reading this for the first time,  and if you don’t already know about our Client Referral Giveaway…click here to learn all about how it works!

If you want to get the chance to vote for next months Client Referral Program…then don’t wait to take our October Poll.

Again…way to go Debbie…