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Congratulations Bonnie and Sandy!

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Studio Fun

BabyBoyIt’s a BOY! Congratulations to Bonnie and Sandy Ross who became Granparents to baby John Alexander Ross last week. We all look forward to seeing those adorable baby pics!


Baby Coen

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Studio Fun


Beautiful Augusta with her Grandson-Coen

Beautiful Augusta with her Grandson-Coen

Evelyn with her Son-Coen

Evelyn with her Son-Coen










Hey everybody…here’s  Absolute’s Studio  baby Coen. Doesn’t he look so hansom in the outfit we all got for him? I must say the ladies look pretty good themselves! Keep the pictures coming …this is what life is all about!

STOTT PILATES Master Trainer-Marshall Eklund

STOTT PILATES Master Trainer-Marshall Eklund

Wow…can’t believe that The San Diego Marshall Eklund Pilates Studio could work with me for a day! I will be conducting 6 hours of Private Training to up-date all of the STOTT PILATES current repertoire covering all aspects of Core Training.

I will get Camera happy…so I should get some great Pictures of Marshalls Pilates Studio! Whew…between The Pilates Gravity Training and Intensive Privates…I should be absolutely pumped by the time I get home and maybe with a wee tan…hmmm

With a passion for Health and Fitness…I’ve always brought in WHATS NEW in the industry of Fitness and Health! I remember 8 years ago I traveled from Vancouver to Toronto to discover Pilates. I then set out to begin some very grueling training. When I invested in this system…I knew it would succeed and here we are today. I realize with constant research on the bio mechanics of the human body…the training methods for core training is always evolving!

On October 22nd I will be headed off to efi Sports Medicine® to complete an Intensive 40 hour course on Gravity Pilates, Gravity Personal Training, Gravity Small Group Training and of course Gravity Rehab! I’m excited to discover that one of my Master Trainers in the Gravity Pilates Portion is a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer! I will return home on Monday October 26th…pumped and ready to GO!

To allow 6 GTS Machines into our Space we will be renovating our Studio. Our NEW changes to our current 2,300 square foot facility will actually make our work-out space bigger! So…clients…mark these dates on your calendar. Shirlee will be gone October 22, 23, 24, and 25th. I will be back in Studio October the 26th. Here’s a sneak Preview of our NEW Gravity System. Look out Lose the Fat Clients!

Holliday schedual

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Kelly's stuff

turkeyHappy ThanksGiving Everyone!  The Studio will be closed on Monday October 12th for this festive occasion. As well , Noni will not be here on Tuesday Oct 13th. Only her classes will not be running this day..with the exception of the 9:00am class which Shirlee will teach. Everything will be back to normal on Wednesday Oct 14th…..and boy will we need it!



It’s Contest Time!!!

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Serious Studio Stuff!!
The Lose the Fat Contest Begins
The Lose the Fat Contest Begins

The time has come and the contest is on with a few modifications… First off I’d like to welcome our 7 participants: Charlene Naefkin, Barb and Rich Engel, Ann Jevons, Julie McCullum, Pia Geller and  Billie Jo Standish.

The modifications to the contest are as follows: There will  now be 1 Grand Prize. A 1 year Platinum membership to Absolute Body Fusion, givin to the winner. As before , anyone who misses their weekly weigh in will have to pay a penalty of $5.00 and for every pound gained instead of lost a $3.00  penalty. Any money collected will be put into a pot and will also be givin to the winner.

Good Luck to all of you and know that you are all winners no matter what!

extra studio space…

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Serious Studio Stuff!!

Hey Guys…as you know Laura fell in love and got married, which means she has moved away. We reclaimed some space back! Come check out our NEW Change Area and Reception.

Our NEW Reception Area!

Our NEW Reception Area!