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Guy’s…I just opened up our Registration Page and through out the evening, everybody went  Gravity and Suunto crazy! We are about 75% Full on both Events. I was not expecting such a quick response. I strongly believe that everybody in Penticton is getting tired of the same old fitness crap. All I know is that The Gravity System gives you a serious damm work-out, PLUS a Personal Trainer…and the Suunto System is the Future of Fitness.  So let’s start firming up those legs and Christmas jelly belly! I can’t just sit here and keep telling you about it…you need to come in and see for your self!


We are bringing a limited number of Suunto belts in and anticipate a wait list for them….so we Strongly suggest you pre-order them now. This is a one time purchase. Once we receive your personal Suunto belt, we have a few things to do to make it work! Here’s the list of things we need:
#1. We need your Height, Weight and Age
#2. We code your personal serial number into The Absolute’s Suunto Software
#3. We code your E-Mail address into Suunto
#4. Now…you’re set for Our Most Premier Service…Suunto the Future of Fitness!

Reserve your Belt today to avoid disappointment!

We’re in FULL swing on the GTS…and loving it! You can try a FREE work-out any time from now and right up until January 30th! The GTS is a FULL Multi-Gym. Just think….walk into the BIGGEST Club you can find….hmmmm over 300 pieces of GYM equipment. Now add in a Personal Trainer and endless combination’s of routines. Fun, Music, and only 30 minutes of your day? Sounds unbelievable…well it’s not! Get down here guys and start working out today, because the first work-out is on the house!

Welcome back everyone, we hope your hollidays were great (full of Fun, Food and Family)!

To Kick off the new year and our New Gravity System all through the month of January, with the purchase of any of our Gravity Package/Memberships you will be able to buy the second  Gravity Package / Membership at 50% off! This is an AMAZING offer of great value, so take advantage and buy this month!

Happy Monday everyone…and welcome back to the Studio! Our Gravity equipment arrives today in the SNOW…so I won’t actually be Instructing today. (I’ll be dragging in equipment instead)

Our Schedule is finished…so now’s the time to GET booking!

Our 2010 renovations has transformed our Studio…you’re going to LOVE what you see.

Enjoy the day and we’ll see you soon..

Register Now for 2010!

Contest Start Dates:

February 15th – May 10th, 2010

Registration is now available On-Line Guys. All you have to do is click on our Registration link below, fill in the info required. Kelly will give you a call and your $50.00 Fee can be done over the phone or in person when you come in to complete your measurements and before Photo’s. It’s all pretty easy…