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We are unveiling our NEW Website April the 1st….and this is no joke!Over the next 6 months, we will be reconstructing pages and Studio content. We hope that our NEW Website is easier than ever to find information when you need it. This is a another project of Absolute that is VERY time consuming…so patience is the virtue.

Please check back on April 1st to view NEW Website!


Just to remind you all once again that the Studio is Closed  March 29th-and will reopen on April the 6th. Also….Kelly won’t be back until April the 7th!

We are launching a whole BRAND NEW website design as of April the 1st. This will be a 6 month project, so as the months unveil, you’ll see better content and easier navigation.

So….for the next few days….take a deep cleansing breath and enjoy the Easter Holidays. I’ll Blog you all again in a few days.


Membership Savings!!!

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Serious Studio Stuff!!

Great news everyone, due to the changes and the upcoming tax increase, we’ve decided  to offer up a great new deal! If you re-purchase or want to upgrade to our P.T. Full Studio Membership before the end of the week , and you are buying for 1 full year, not only will you Save 10%, but we will also Dicount another $500.00 off  the package. If you include the saved tax increase as well, that’s a Savings of $1,123.00!!  If your a real smart shopper like Augusta was you’ll take real advantage and buy for 2 years! and save yourself twice as much!

If  for whatever reason you can’t manage to buy before the end of the week, no worries, you can still Save$300.00 dollars when you purchase in the month of April. With the 10% off and tax saved that’s still an overall savings of $818.00!

Finally, If you need to wait untill May, you can still save your 10% off plus an extra $150.00 off of the total , plus you’ll still be able to save on that dredded extra tax before it kicks in!

So if you love a great deal and want to save some cash! don’t wait, and come talk to me today!

Hey everyone, starting June 1st we will be combining our memberships and pairing them down to a total of 3. You will have the choice of a Bronze Membership for those of you who just want to do flex classes. A Lose The Fat Membership for those of you who want to have priority in those groups and our New P.T Full Studio Membership! For those of you who want to do it all ( This new membership is the same as our Gravity membership…just under a new name)!

Also a reminder, starting in June the taxes on services will be going up to 12% , so it would be wise to buy now and save !

Way to go my friends! you’re 1 month in and well on your way to becoming that fitter, healthier new you!

As this marks the end of your 1st Month, I have decided to BLOG  lost inches instead of weight. I was very excited to see how well you are all doing !

Here are you’re results.

In 1st PLACE is SHEILA   -Inches Lost to date : 21.6

In 2nd PLACE is  JAN – Inches Lost to date: 17.8

In 3rd PLACE is JACQUES – Inches Lost to date: 15.2

Placing in 4th is BONNIE  down 13.1 inches

Awsome work you guys, keep it up!


Week Three!

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Studio Fun

We’re into week 3 of our challenge now and one of you is out way ahead!

Congrats to Sheila  who is in 1st place  this week  down another 7 lbs! that makes a grand total so far of 14lbs…keep up the great work sheila!

In 2nd place is Bonnie down one more pound..way to go Bonnie!

Comming up in 3rd place are Jan & Connie  who have kept it the same ( I can see those inches falling off!)….keep up the great work everyone!

Studio Closed

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Serious Studio Stuff!!

Hey everyone just a heads up…we will be closeing the studio for Easter Hollidays Monday March29th through Monday April 5th. We will re-open on Tuesday April 6th.