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Closed August 2nd

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone just a reminder that the studio will be closed on Monday August 2nd for B.C Day. We still have Saturdays class running so hopefully we will see those of you who have signed up! If you can’t make it for some reason PLEASE let us know as soon as possible so that Rockne knows if he can run the class or not! The last couple of weekends we’ve had a couple of no-shows and the class has had to be cancled. This is not fair for those who show up and then are sent home due to low numbers!

Thanks for your understanding!



Hey everyone, just to give you the heads up as of August 1st we will no longer be selling memberships of any kind sadly the “system” was being abused and it just wasn’t working out. We will be going back to selling only sessions both opened and closed (for those of you wanting to save some money). If anyone does want to get a membership ( which as Shirlee and I have stated over and over, even coming 2 times a week and even taking into account studio closures and class cancelations you are STILL SAVING BIG MONEY!) I would suggest doing so before the end of next week.

We really regret having to do this, we had come up with the idea to save our commited clients money and to offer those who might not be able to afford to come daily the chance to do so. Memberships will be available untill next thursday July 29th

Kelly, Shirlee and Staff

Thank you everyone!

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Studio Fun

Thank you everyone for making my Birthday yesterday so fantastic! When I drove in yesterday and saw the sign that Shirlee put up saying ” HONK KELLY’s 40!” I nearly ran off the road I was laughing so hard! The cake was amazing and tasted even better! I hope all of you were able to have some. And once again thank you all soooo much for the cards and gift. It was beyond anything I ever expected! A specialy HUGE  THANKS  to Shirlee for pulling it all together you are truly the best boss ever and you made my day very special, It will be one that I will remember always!

Happy Birthday Kelly! Wow…it’s 40 BIG ONES! It’s all up hill from here…have a great day today.

From all of us at the Studio!