Welcome back!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Kelly's stuff

Happy 2011 everyone, I hope all of you have had a fantastic Christmas, mine was certianly an adventure with my son getting married and all. It was a beautiful wedding and it was great to see my family but I am very happy to be back home and in the studio again! Alot has happend since we’ve all been away, the walls are up in the new facility and painting starts tomorrow , and have you noticed our new sign/logo on the front and back? It looks incredible!

Shirlee’s been hard at work on our new website and it’s almost done….anyone logging onto the internet and typing “Absolute Body Fusion” in will see at the top of the page Riverside Fitness & health  instead. I know it’s a bit confusing, but don’t give up! click on it and it will bring you to our new website where you can have a look around, it’s still a work in progress but it really is amazing and we’d love to hear some feedback on it. If  all you want is to go to your account then all you have to do is click on the “Username” box and it will automatically send you to our mind/body site where you can go about your normall business.

For all of our clients, I will be pre-registering and selling memberships for our classes in the new facility starting on the 10th of Jan, so feel free to come and see me and we can figure out which of the  packages will be best for you.


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