O.k you’re going to Absolutely love this new work-out…it’s called Group Power. What’s hot in fitness trends for 2011 work-outs is less out-door boot camps and more Group Fitness. I mean I couldn’t be more happier, because I really don’t like standing out in the cold and freezing my butt off or worse yet….rolling around in the dirt! So let me describe our NEW Power Group Fitness Class:

While prepping for your Group Fitness Class in our State of the Art Fitness Room, you’ll be using a program-specific warm-up with a barbell and light weight, a Group Power workout progresses through all of the major muscle groups starting with the legs. Ten great songs make up a Group Power workout. Each song is referred to as a track and focuses on a particular muscle group. Following a warm-up track every Group Power workout begins with a track that focuses on the buttocks, front of the legs and back of the legs. This is followed by chest work using the STEP platform as a bench. The large muscles of the back are the focus of the next track followed by isolation work of the smaller muscles such as triceps and biceps. The legs are then given a final endurance and toning test with a series of lunges before shoulders and abdominal muscles are worked. The workout finishes with a cool-down using static stretching to aid recovery.

Registration for our Group Power Classes will be available on our January 2011 Riverside schedule.


While I was wrapping up Thanksgiving, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) had already predicted what fitness trends will be hot in 2011. While a lot of things on the list are a continuation of past trends — think Group Fitness and Fitness Technology —  For those of you who know me…I’ve been in the The Fitness Industry since I was 19 years old and gained my Personal Training certification at 21 years old. So…now that was 28 years ago. (So I guess you can do the math)! I’ve been teaching Small Group Personal Training for more than 15 years! Holy…talk about a slow trend! Group Training is not new to me…but it’s NEW to Fitness. Absolute Body Fusion’s Core Business was based on Small Group Training and now you know why we got the reputation of being more costly than other facilities that simply just didn’t offer what we offered. The second Fitness Trend is Fitness Technology! People are more interested in techy stuff that provides them with vital tools of losing fat and gaining muscle! Believe me when I tell you…if you haven’t experienced our Suunto Training System…then you’re really training in the dark. The Suunto system is a tool that gives you edge to your group training. Once you have your training belt on, Suunto will help to keep your heart rate in a fat burning zone. If you fall below a certain zone, then you need to pick up your pace. If you go over your training zone…you simply need to slow down! We will be installing 6- 48 inch LCD screens throughout our new facility, so no matter where you’re training, be  the Gym, Fitness Studio or Pilates Studio you’ll be able to train in your Fat Zone. Our next techy tool, is  our New Composition Scale. This scale will  print out total body composition readings including: Weight, Fat %, Fat Mass, Total Body Water, Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Bone Mass, a unique Visceral Fat indicator, Body Mass Index, and much more. Talk about cool fitness tools…hmmm can’t wait for that Scale to come in. Well, can’t say Riverside isn’t  Hot on those 2011 Fitness Trends!  Read my Blog tomorrow to get the scoop on more 2011 Fitness Trends.

Hot New 2011 Fitness Trend-Training in your Fat Burning Zone with Suunto

It’s November!

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Kelly's stuff

Can you believe it’s November already, where did the time go! I know around here time is flying buy due to our new studio planning!  Finally we’ve broken ground, next step…Plumbing. LOL I know, very glamorous!  For those of you interested we are about to purchase a brand new scale that tell’s you everything,  from bone density to how much weight comes from water to how much weight comes from muscle …..and a whole lot more, there is even special considerations for atheletes and wrestlers!  We have started taking reservations for clients who want to have a total body analysis done( including printout), so anyone interested can contact me and I’ll put you on the list. I am also taking Locker reservations for our new facility, so don’t wait!

Question of the day:      Who knows what the difference is between Pilates and Yoga?

Stage One

It’s November 1st and our plumbing is now underway…how exciting! Our bathrooms will feature 2 beautiful showers in the ladies and mens room and of course 2 toilets- each bathroom complete with auto-mated taps.

Riverside Fitness and Health awarded Scott Mayhew Contracting with this amazing Project.

Can you believe that we’ll be open for Business March 1st?

Here’s a Poll for you.

It’s amazing how positive thinking can change how we think and act! If I wake up feeling a bit tired or stressed, you’ll often hear me say….it’s another beautiful day in paradise.  I know all of you have heard that quote. Or when I’m asked, “how are you doing today”? I always reply, always good! And that’s because, it’s how I truly feel! I know we all have bad days…but I feel it should never be that bad to make another person feel bad.

On my computer I keep a list of positive affirmations. You’ll often see them in images on our Newsletters or on our Blog.

The following affirmation is a refection of what’s happening in our Business.

Changing Place. Changing Time. Changing Thoughts. Changing Future.

So here’s a Poll for you.

O.K. Guys…things are heating up on a daily basis! I know life at the  Studio seemed to be so quite these days…but really they’re not. It’s like putting on a BIG pot of potatoes to simmer on low…and it seems to take forever to get things to come to a rolling boil…then wa-la…things are boiling…and that describes us! So here’s whats been happening:

  • Absolute Body Fusion sold half of its Business to Carolyn Buksa
  • Absolute Body Fusion Inc changed it’s Company name to:                                                       C & S Fitness and Health Inc.
  • March 1st, 2011 Absolute Body Fusion changed its doing business as to:                              Riverside Fitness and Health
  • Absolute Body Fusion is relocating to: #120-300 Riverside Drive-beside Starbucks and Edos Restaurant.
  • Shirlee’s job position has changed to Fitness Coordinator and Marketing
  • Shirlee now currently teaches Tuesday and Thursday’s only
  • We are launching a New Website on November 15th! How exciting!
  • We are launching a 24 Hour Gym-featuring Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Equipment.
  • We are launching NEW Classes and formats such as:
  • Antigravity Yoga
  • TRX suspension training system
  • WOW Program-Women on Weights

Expect daily and weekly changes as soooo much has been happening! We will now keep all of our members informed of our progress with Daily Blogs and New Letters. Please feel free to Blog us back or leave us a message by e-mail or phone. But one things for sure…we are sooo excited! So pass on the rumor guys…YES-Riverside is us!

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Dianne Trimble, Mary Brough and Jan Lipscomb who have all lost beloved family members this past week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kelly, Shirlee, Carolyn, Noni and Rockne