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What A 3 Months this has been! Our Lose The Fat Challenge is over with the final weigh in having been done. You guys did a FANTASTIC  job and you should all be VERY PROUD of yourselves. You are well on your way to becoming a healthier happier( if not mildly exhausted) new you!  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and of the 10 Initial participants only 3 survived till the end!

Huge Congratulations go out to our 1st Place winner of $1000.00. Sheila Ricci

Sheila Ricci

who lost a whopping  28lbs  and 26.4 inches ( that works out to a loss of 4.8% body fat!)! You look Fantastic! Keep up the great work!

Our  2nd  and 3rd Place winners are  Bonnie Ross and Jan Lefebvre ! Way to go guys, your sucsess and continued weight loss are motivation to us all!

Bonnie Ross

Jan Lefevbre

A HUGE  THANK YOU to all our contestants who in participating have helped us to raise  $100.00for The Kidney Foundation! And an Extra thanks goes out to Jacque Lefebvre who has added to this by donating his winnings to this wonderfull cause. That brings our Donation Total up to $200.00!

This was an awsome kickstart to the brand new year!  Let’s keep up the great work ! We look forward to our next BIG CHALLENGE and the results that it will bring!

Kelly & Shirlee


HUGE BIRTHDAY WISHES  for Augusta, Bonnie and Rich !  It is sooo great to have you guys around!  We hope you have not only a great day , but a year to come that is filled with  Continued Good Health, Love and Happiness!

Kelly, Shirlee and the Absolute Body fusion Staff


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Best wishes barb on this Fabulous day! You are a 1st class person with a heart of gold . You are a true joy to have in the studio and your presence here makes us look forward to coming in everyday! Have a wonderful pampered weekend , you deserve nothing but the best!


From Kelly, Shirlee & Noni,

I know Shirlee has BLOGED this already but I just thought that I would give you guys another reminder. As of July 1st the Taxes on all packages will be going up to 12%. So for anyone wanting to save themselves some cash I would suggest buying your packages or memberships now. I know allot of you have already done this and taken advantage of some Big Savings!

We will only be offering this deal until the end of next week ( friday the 14th) so anyone who wants to take advantage should not wait!

Hey everyone, Just a “heads up“ The Studio will be closed Friday May 21st and Monday May 24Th for Victoria weekend. For the time being we have left in the Saturday class with Rockne because it is full and he is willing to come in for it. However if it drops to less then 6 people, we will be cancelling it. I will let everyone know if this happens.

Have a great long weekend everyone!