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O.K. Guys…things are heating up on a daily basis! I know life at the  Studio seemed to be so quite these days…but really they’re not. It’s like putting on a BIG pot of potatoes to simmer on low…and it seems to take forever to get things to come to a rolling boil…then wa-la…things are boiling…and that describes us! So here’s whats been happening:

  • Absolute Body Fusion sold half of its Business to Carolyn Buksa
  • Absolute Body Fusion Inc changed it’s Company name to:                                                       C & S Fitness and Health Inc.
  • March 1st, 2011 Absolute Body Fusion changed its doing business as to:                              Riverside Fitness and Health
  • Absolute Body Fusion is relocating to: #120-300 Riverside Drive-beside Starbucks and Edos Restaurant.
  • Shirlee’s job position has changed to Fitness Coordinator and Marketing
  • Shirlee now currently teaches Tuesday and Thursday’s only
  • We are launching a New Website on November 15th! How exciting!
  • We are launching a 24 Hour Gym-featuring Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Equipment.
  • We are launching NEW Classes and formats such as:
  • Antigravity Yoga
  • TRX suspension training system
  • WOW Program-Women on Weights

Expect daily and weekly changes as soooo much has been happening! We will now keep all of our members informed of our progress with Daily Blogs and New Letters. Please feel free to Blog us back or leave us a message by e-mail or phone. But one things for sure…we are sooo excited! So pass on the rumor guys…YES-Riverside is us!


Our heartfelt condolences go out to Dianne Trimble, Mary Brough and Jan Lipscomb who have all lost beloved family members this past week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kelly, Shirlee, Carolyn, Noni and Rockne

Want to meet BOB?

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Serious Studio Stuff!!
Bob’s comming!

Hey everyone, we’ve sent out a VERY IMPORTANT SURVEY that we need you to fill out by tomorrow! It was sent under Riverside Fitness & Health not Absolute Body Fusion, from my understanding it may have gone into “junk mail” for some of you. PLEASE check and fill it out if you can ASAP!

Anyone having filled it out will recieve a $50.00 credit into their account for use at our new facility and will also be entered into our draw for a chance to attened an event with Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser television show! If you have not recieved the email Please let me know and I will resend it to you.

Hey everyone, just to give you the heads up as of August 1st we will no longer be selling memberships of any kind sadly the “system” was being abused and it just wasn’t working out. We will be going back to selling only sessions both opened and closed (for those of you wanting to save some money). If anyone does want to get a membership ( which as Shirlee and I have stated over and over, even coming 2 times a week and even taking into account studio closures and class cancelations you are STILL SAVING BIG MONEY!) I would suggest doing so before the end of next week.

We really regret having to do this, we had come up with the idea to save our commited clients money and to offer those who might not be able to afford to come daily the chance to do so. Memberships will be available untill next thursday July 29th

Kelly, Shirlee and Staff

Happy Birthday Kelly! Wow…it’s 40 BIG ONES! It’s all up hill from here…have a great day today.

From all of us at the Studio!

Happy June 1st everyone! Summer is just around the corner and to kick it off , for the month of June we will be offering 3 FREE MONTHS to those of you purchasing a 1 year Full Studio Membership upfront! That’s a Savings of $1,100.00! a really great deal! so if you’d like to Workout For Free June through August come see me now and we’ll get you started on your way to better health and a great summer body!

What A 3 Months this has been! Our Lose The Fat Challenge is over with the final weigh in having been done. You guys did a FANTASTIC  job and you should all be VERY PROUD of yourselves. You are well on your way to becoming a healthier happier( if not mildly exhausted) new you!  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and of the 10 Initial participants only 3 survived till the end!

Huge Congratulations go out to our 1st Place winner of $1000.00. Sheila Ricci

Sheila Ricci

who lost a whopping  28lbs  and 26.4 inches ( that works out to a loss of 4.8% body fat!)! You look Fantastic! Keep up the great work!

Our  2nd  and 3rd Place winners are  Bonnie Ross and Jan Lefebvre ! Way to go guys, your sucsess and continued weight loss are motivation to us all!

Bonnie Ross

Jan Lefevbre

A HUGE  THANK YOU to all our contestants who in participating have helped us to raise  $100.00for The Kidney Foundation! And an Extra thanks goes out to Jacque Lefebvre who has added to this by donating his winnings to this wonderfull cause. That brings our Donation Total up to $200.00!

This was an awsome kickstart to the brand new year!  Let’s keep up the great work ! We look forward to our next BIG CHALLENGE and the results that it will bring!

Kelly & Shirlee